Monday, December 12, 2011

McIver - Trying To Be True

Been waiting to post this one up. Not gonna be a long story here as I don't know anything about this artist. This has been getting a lot more exposure recently, and painfully that coincides with higher prices. It's well worth getting more notice, but may be slower catching for most peoples tastes. It took a while for the hook and backing vocals to grow on me.

This is quintessential modern soul. Written by Richard Turner and affectionately the publishing is credited to 'Turner-you-on' music. It's also a prime example of mid 80's modern soul sound. Smack dab in 1985 to be precise. This is also a New York city record that makes me wonder what the club scene was really like in NYC during the mid eighties. There was so much going on in punk, funk and emerging hip hop cultures. I can see how this subtle groove fell by the wayside. But, I can also easily imagine a New York club getting it as thoroughly as the folks in THIS clip.

Far as I know this is a premier 45 for us. Earlier this year when I got it, I couldn't even find it on youtube. Often times that's a huge compelling factor in what I purchase. If it's not really uncovered yet, I'm liable to snatch it up before it really gets expensive. I also checked around and couldn't find this on any other blogs. So, another world wide premier for you here on Sound Boutique. We work hard and dig deep to share goodies like this with you. We hope you enjoy.

McIver - Trying To Be True

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