Friday, December 9, 2011

Tony Clarke - Ghetto Man

Tomorrow night is all about Oakland. My funk brothers, the keepers of the Lower Bottoms District in West Oakland, throw their massive wacky party that's a fine mixture of homeless and hipster. It's of course, simply called 'Lower Bottom's Funk and Soul' and is one thee best parties around.

I'm really glad to be back with this crew, I've missed them quite a bit, and I've got some really tasty tunes to get off my chest. This Tony Clarke smoker is one of them. Nothing new on most deep funk heads, but regardless a great tune. I just recently stumbled across another copy of this and decided to throw it in the box for this night.
Tony was a sincere entertainer, a freight train of soul, and put out a lot of steam from 1962 until his death in 1970. He put out about a single every year. I know Tony from his first single, which was also the first single I heard from him, entitled 'The Entertainer'. It was a smooth sweeper big on the mod and northern circuit released in 1965 on Chess. This single 'Ghetto Man' is worlds apart. It's from 1967 and on the Chicory label. Another big Northern and Mod favorite was his huge production and wicked dancer 'Landslide' also recorded for the Chess label. This gives you and idea of just how dynamic his short career was, and what an immense powerhouse he was.

Please look up Lower Bottom's Funk and Soul, and Revolution Cafe to come and join us this Saturday. They serve food. hint hint. And, the place is decorated like a 60's and 70's exploitation film from hell. The Boys at LBF&S have made it very important to play their tunes through the biggest loudest sound systems they can find, so if you enjoy hearing funk and soul LOUD...this is indeed the place to be. We'll be going very late, like we always do. So even if you've got other plans we're a good party to join up with on the late night tip. Sloppy seconds has never been so good.

Tony Clarke - Ghetto Man

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