Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jerella Hope - Funk '79

I'm gonna always be a sucker for the funk. I have always been and will continue to be. I'm a hunter for this stuff. The more obscure the better.  Even though this isn't my usual taste, I think its a bomb little 45. Not bad for the second offering of the new year. As we approach our second year anniversary of this blog. I'm hoping to find time and energy to make it blossom even further. We'll see if I'm all talk or not this year, because I'd really like to set new records for the amount of posts. We shall see.

 I couldn't find much about this little one anywhere. I couln't find a pic, not on ebay, not of popsike, not in japan. Doesn't mean it's rare or anything. Maybe even means its not 'such' a hot tune. But, I beg to differ. So, I took me own photo. Here's another, yes another soundboutique exclusive. Jerella Hope's 'Funk '79' Hope you enjoy it.

Jerella Hope - Funk '79

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