Monday, January 3, 2011

Three Ounces Of Love - Give Me Some Feeling

On this third day of the year, I give you the Three Ounces Of Love. I have been bumping this since Thanksgiving last year. I had never heard this LP before that. I was really surprised. I suppose I slept on this one thinking it was another mediocre or run-of-the-mill disco joint. Little did I know what I was missing. These three sisters are incredible. As soon as I heard 'Give Me Some Feeling' I was in heaven. The backing vocals, the soloist, all freakin incredible. And, some sweet arrangements to boot. Known as the Alexander sisters from Detroit, this was the only LP released by Ann, Elaine and Regina. They had two singles released from this LP and both basically bombed and they weren't heard from for ages. This LP was also produced by Brian Holland, of Motown fame, and the 'Ounces' only significant resurfacing was during a Motown tribute.

Ferocious vocal talent here folks. These sisters seriously set this shit on fire. This has been a long awaited and welcomed treat in my stacks lately. For true soul connoisseurs, its a royal treat. This LP is well rounded with excellent production and sultry arrangements for a big label sound. A few folks have had to endure me ranting about these gals everywhere I go lately. Now, you'll see what I'm talking about. This ones gonna be in the DJ bag for a bit.

The real kicker here is, is that this LP has The Suttons all over it. Mike and Brenda Sutton wrote and produced several of these tunes. Including the incredible ballad 'Today Will Soon Be Yesterday' which is nothing short of genius. I can't place who may have re-done this tune and possibly had some major success with it. If you can help on this, it would be much appreciated. I know I've heard it somewhere else...
The main tune here that melts my wig is 'Give Me Some Feeling', also written and produced by my fave Mike and Brenda. But, the LP is overall well rounded and pretty darned tasty. I'm glad I've stumbled across it again and given it a sec to warm up on me. I'm including this song along with a few other stand out cuts on the LP. Fans of more disco-y sounds will want to check this out. I've focused on the slower and funkier tracks, but it'll make disco kids smile too. Fortunately for the Three Ounces they picked more mid-tempo tunes and steered away from a full on disco LP, a trend that was dying in '78 when this was released. That may have given them more life in the biz at the time. That may be why I had originally not noticed it, thinking it was just that..another formula disco outing. Either way, these chicks were not short on talent. It's a shame they didn't record further into the 80's like the Jones Girls for example. They had A LOT or potential and I would have loved to hear what they would have sounded like in 1982.

Once you delve into these sisters and enjoy this fine LP you too will probably want more. I know they started out with some Northern Soul stuff produced by none other than Mr. Popcorn Wylie, but I don't have any of those 45's. I'm not sure anything ever came out on 45 or on the Pameline label, it may be stuff that was unreleased that surfaced later on? Not entirely sure. Again, I would hope those that have more info would share in the comments below. I've heard as well that they had something on IX Chains Records, but again, I don't have it and haven't heard it. Could be fantastic...who knows. But, you'll have to wrestle with me over anything with their name on it at the record swap.

Three Ounces Of Love - Give Me Some Feeling
Three Ounces Of Love - Bet You'll Come Running
Three Ounces Of Love - In The Middle Of The Feeling
Three Ounces Of Love - Today Will Soon Be Yesterday


  1. Man I remember this album well, at the time I thought of The Emotions with there sound,then before I knew it they were gone. As far as "Today Will Soon Be Yesterday" Thelma Houston in 1976 & Dionyza in 2008. Neither can touch "Three Ounces Of Love"
    Peace & keep doing what u do, much respect
    Mychal Umi Cox

  2. Man, I was trying to remember where I had heard Today Will Soon Be Yesterday! so thanks for are very right with them being in the vein of The Emotions. Surprised I didnt think the Emotions! Hello!! Peace, respect, and much thanks for the support!