Saturday, January 1, 2011

Antonio Carlos E Jocafi - Kabaluere

1-1-11 - Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everybody. It's gonna be a great year. There's lots in store for our little blog in this upcoming year. I've managed to scrape up tasty offerings from both new acquisitions and from foraging through the collection. I purchased some new shelves for the collection and have been surfacing titles I thought were long lost in the depths of the crates. So, good news all around to those faithful to diggin' through these posts. It's gonna get good.

To start the new year off on the right foot, I've got an offering from Brazil by Antonio Carlos E Jocafi. Kabaluere. Something I dug up the other day while sorting through my records looking for some things for my brother. I rarely take the time to dig through my own collection, but when I do it's pretty much like xmas. Anyways, I had to dig through a section I had set aside for some reason and it yielded some treats for this site. Both my brother and my dad had given me records over the years and just recently asked for a few of them back. Nothing that I would be posting up here, but nevertheless always good to fall back on my old rule...I really don't ever get rid of anything. My collection has and always will be inspired by family. My Mom had some incredible records, my Dad too. And, my brother was a humongous influence in my musical tastes, both in passion and expression.

This tune was effectively sample by the Jurassic Five, been comped a few times, and among some of the best stuff in my collection from Brazil. Unlike many of my colleagues, I've never been to Brazil. But, I've done a fair amount of pillaging from a distance. Connected online with several Brazilian collectors and sellers. I've also gone through several periods of getting Brazilian records for pretty stinking cheap from eBay. Those days seem to be long gone, much like finding sealed copies of 'Damn Right I Am Somebody' by the JB's.

So, here's a taste of Antonio Carlos E Jocafi's Kabaluere. Nothing that the 'heads' don't already know about. But, solid nonetheless. A bit of Brazil funk, and the first lesson of world rare groove 101. No prerequisites.

ALSO.....Big shouts to my boys Allen Thayer and Jacob Pena keeping that Brazilian heat bumping in SF at GOSTOSA. Every second Wednesday at the Casanova in the Mission.. 527 Valencia SF, CA

Antonio Carlos E Jocafi - Kabaluere

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