Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Act III - Love Power

I am in love with this tune right now. Seriously. Effin' lovin' this shit. There's nothing smoother and funkier to me these days. It's crazy how I get fixed on a tune. If you were around me, you'd probably have to hear this shit several times a day right now.
This is an example of excellence for as late as 1987. Unbelievable to me that this tune is so charismatic of such older styles yet, even with it's heavy late 80's production, complete with Kenny G style sax solo, it's a hot tune. I kinda wished the beginning of the tune would just go on forever. I suppose it would be handy to pull off a re-edit. But, for now the sax solo is intact.
To me, this is what modern soul is all about. We all need a little more 'Love Power' wouldn't you agree? This is one kind of power that rarely gets abused.
I don't have any further info on this group. And, it's a shame. I would really hope someone could chime in with some additional knowledge, because I feel as though I've seen this groups name before. I would really like to know more about them. My guess is L.A. area and probably still kickin' around.

Act III - Love Power

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  1. This tracked killed me aswell , cant believe its from ´87. Thanks for a great blog !