Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jackson Southernaires - Give It To Me Jesus

I'm often a dollar short and a day late. Just so the case because I'm busy yet again. Well, the first thing I thought about this last Sunday morning was posting some tasty gospel music. Of course, I was too busy and couldn't do it. Man, making my goal for this blog this year is gonna be hard. I'd like to double the amount of posts that I put up last year. So, eventually I pulled out about 10-20 gospel records from the collection and decided on this power stomper by The Jackson Southernaires. They actually just played this last weekend. How crazy is that shit! Perhaps, I felt their spirit! I don't actually know if it was that Sunday or the previous, but I did speak to a Gospel authority and it's confirmed they just played Oakland this last Sunday or the previous Sunday.

Let me say that picking one tasty tune from so many good ones was difficult. Especially when you start opening your ears to the gospel soul and funk sound. But, I'm digging and searching for more and more gospel these days. The good news is that now I've dug a few things up, you'll see (Or, hear rather) more posts on this genre. Perhaps I'll do a gospel Sunday regular thing.
Not only did I want to post a gospel tune when I woke up on Sunday, but I've been meaning to check out a church right here in a local neighborhood. The plan is for the family to check it out this upcoming Sunday.

I also wanted to pay respects and acknowledge Martin Luther King Day. It was a pleasure to do homework with my daughter this week. It was a huge project about MLK and it was a joy to see her open that door to an important page in history. She's really lights years from that experience and how important it has been for many of us. But, to chip away the ice and make it fresh and relevant to her was a pleasure and important challenge. So, how does it sound for Soundboutique to pay respects to Dr. King?
For me, what better way than to take it back to the old school, to where it all started for MLK himself, to the church. The good word, the gospel. And, if you will....part one of a soundtrack to MLK Day by yours truly and Soundboutique.

So, enjoy this gospel burner from The Southernaires from their 1979 'Legendary Gentlemen' on the Malaco label and let these words from The Rev. Martin Luther King ring true...

"Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love."  Martin Luther King Jr. from 'Where Do We Go from Here'

Jackson Southernaires - Give It To Me Jesus

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  1. true indeed, it was confirmed. These guys just played in Oakland on Jan 16th. Rats! just missed them.