Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Meadows Brothers - I've Tried It All

Wallace, Eugene and Wilson
Slick, super-charged ultra soul brother jam. Steered down slick city streets by guitar and commandeered by back seat drivin' horns. The Meadows Brothers lay on a heavy honey smothered trip drenched in classic stinky soul. Wallace, Eugene and Wilson make up the brotherhood and while they had a speckled and sparse career it was basted nicely with rich soul flavor. Their earliest recording as the Zircons (group name correction thanks to Mel Meadows, son of Wallace Meadows THANKS!) is much in demand and rare and desired on the Northern Soul circuit. They later came with the name 'The Meadows' and soon learned there were other acts that had already chosen the name. They rested for a while with 'The Meadows Brothers' and cut a limited amount of soul gems on Kayvette and deep funk ditties on Hip Spin. Then, another switcheroo. They went back with 'The Meadows' and cut this somewhat elusive LP in 1981 on the Radio label. These are smooth brothers on a Dramatics style tip and this acid drenched mid-tempo burner is just what I need at the moment. It's quite the guitar shredding soulful rocker as well. Thick funk with hard edges and a morality message to boot. It's kinda dark, and a little sad. But, just the kinda charging forward and truthful message we really like.

All hail these lesser knowns. When you close your eyes and dig deep in the soul basket, there's an endless supply of joy in finding great and talented artists like these cats. I've said it once before, and most folks reading this already know... just how deep things can get.... You could collect only L.A. Doo Woo from the 60's and STILL never know every artist that recorded that sound in that area. What a treat that can be. The Meadows are just that treat for me. Tear stained soul, big daddy funk that your parents would jam if they knew about them way back then.

There seems to be a little confusion about another LP released in 1977. But, again asking these questions here is proving little or no response. I suppose I've got to 'up' my soul collecting knowledge before the cats that can answer these questions start really paying us any attention here on this little blog. I tried to find out more about this release in 1977 with no luck. Seems there's also a collection of singles. Maybe one in the same? We'll post more by these fine brothers as we snatch them up. Even though the Meadows Brothers had little or no fame or response it didn't stop them. So, we won't let it get us down, we'll keep pushing on just like them.
You can't say we didn't give it our all. We too have tried it all...
Like they sing....
You can't stop a song in the middle of the show.
True dat, true dat Meadows.

The Meadows Brothers - I've Tried It All


  1. Just for clarification... the release on Radio records appears to be a re-release of the 1977 Lp which I can't seem to find. Any input out there my soul peoples....????

  2. OMG I can't believe you have posted this. First,there isn't enough room for me to explain the circuitous route that brought me to this blog. But I am blown away by what I've found.

    My name is Mel Meadows and Wallace Meadows is my father. Wilson and the late Eugene Meadows are my uncles. Your review is so beautifully written that I called my father and read it to him over the phone. He got quite a kick out of hearing it!

    Thank you so much for such a thoughtful, beautifully written post. And just to clarify, the first name of the group was the Zircons, not the Zilcos.

    Clearly you are a fan, so I'm sure you'll be happy to know that Wilson is still performing and recording and my father has a gospel album that is due to be released this year. Unfortunately, my uncle Eugene passed away in April 2010.

    I have been working with my father to collect the rich history of the lifelong love affair with music that he and his brothers share. If you want more information about them and their music, I'd love to talk to you.

    You can find me on Facebook or email me at

    Thanks again!

  3. Hello, my name is Erica and I also wanted to thank you for writing this blog. Eugene Meadows is my dad and Wilson and Wallace are my uncles. I can't express how wonderful it feels to know that people appreciate the music my dad and uncles put out. My dad (Eugene) loved music and because of articles such as yours, he still lives on and can be appreciated for doing what he truly loved. Thanks again....

  4. Wow, Mel and Erica !!!!! I am so delighted to read your comments!!! So nice to have your feedback! Bless your hearts for commenting here and sharing in your family's rich history! I don't check the comments here often enough, but I'd like to connect with you both and ask questions and or make contact with your father and uncle! Amazing! I think the best thing that can happen for me doing this blog is to be contacted by people that are involved with and or care about this music with the same passion that I have! Thanks so much for your praise and appreciation! It means so much to shed light on this music to me, I can't say enough THANK YOU AND THE MEADOWS!! Please do get in touch! Oh, and by the way...your dad and uncles were absolutely amazing!

  5. Also, I am so sorry about the loss of your uncle Eugene, may he rest in peace. You are right i am glad Wilson is performing and I'm getting into more and more gospel music every day!!


  6. Thank you for your condolences for my dad. Like I said before, it feels great knowing other people appreciate the music that my dad and uncles put out. We really do appreciate your part in helping to keep their music alive. I am also on facebook and I can be reached at Thanks again, Erica.