Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ben E. King - Spoiled

I recently went to Rose town, aka Santa Rosa. And, the surrounding area. Hit a few record spots, connected with long out of touch homies and tried to relax. Shout outs to Grandmaster Melly Mel and DJ Grand Matt-ster W. Let me first say, there are NO records in Sebastopol. After being given the warning, I still went anyway. It is beautiful there, but alas no goodies at all. There is however 'The Last Record Store' in Santa Rosa. I think with a name like that they plan to be around post apocalypse. That's great, and works perfect for me. Because I plan to be shopping for records AFTER a major disaster or when the big one finally hits. Kinda like "Road Warrior", with a dog by my side, shotgun in one hand and big bird battery operated record player in the other. This shop has a good quantity of new vinyl releases. Not quite what cats like myself are really looking for, but they do get plenty used stuff in frequently. The last major thing I saw come through there was a strange comp with a John Forde tune on it. But, that was a while ago. I did toss some recommendations around the shop, and it was worth the visit. The good thing is I was able to relax, and caught up with friends. Nice.

I did make some waves when I went up there and got some props for our blog...

Homie Gabe gave us some mention in his blog..


His blog is great. Gabe Meline is everywhere you want to be but aren't. But, thanks to him, you can read about it. Good taste, well versed and cultured. Or, un-cultured if needed. Maybe even pro-biotic. Just plain well written.
Check it out
The other waves I made were trying to destroy a douche bag frat type party in the hotel. I'm pretty chillax most of the time, but even I have limits. For example, Lady Gaga doesn't work well most of the time for me, but is definitely NO GOOD after 3am. I suppose it had a lot to do with the fact that the Mehserle verdict and Oscar Grant EXECUTION riots in Oakland were going on, and I was pissed that people were partying without a care in the world. I didn't succeed at shutting them down, but I did get my whole family comped for a two night stay. So, fuck 'em.

This track was on the play list quite a bit during the drive there and back. I had just picked it up. Not a huge Ben E. King fan, but he's got a long career and many tasty moments. This tune and "Music Trance" are always a good enjoyable play. This was re-released in 2004 on 12" with the dope and even tastier "Street Tough" on the flip. That's a good way to get this tune. FYI.
Enjoy "Spoiled" from the "Let Me In Your Life" LP from 1978.

Ben E. King - Spoiled


  1. I've found records in Sebastopol. Last time I was there I got a mint Bill Bell on Brown Door for a dollar. Time before that I got a copy of Zorina for 25 cents at one of the junk shops on the way out of town. It is possible, but it's always luck of the draw.

  2. indeed, nice work. you've got to flip thru em for sure. I would say the junk shops and the garage sales have been better for me there too. I once went to a big indoor street sale many, many years ago there and it was funny the place was packed with grandmas.