Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sound Advice - Keep On Getting Up

Just excellent modern soul. Strong as hell and layered with bubbling synth bass. This is a monster little 45, and I owe thanks for mine courtesy of earcave. Tons of good ish on that site, and often times very reasonably priced. Back to the track, which is a duet of sorts and keeps twisting and turning throughout. There's been some talk of a 'Duet' night being held at Sweaterfunk, but no word yet. I know we'd all be excited to bust some of the great duets we've all been collecting. We could call it 'Duet Fluid' or 'Let's Duet'.... We'll see..

This would definitely be one of my contributions. I don't know who the singers are but they carry the tune well. A bit later than my usual tastes for this sound, 1986 in fact, but surprising and pleasing nonetheless. Just an example to keep ears wide open. And, to Keep on Getting Up !!!

Sound Advice - Keep On Getting Up

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