Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vera Hamilton - But I Ain't No More

My friend, fellow aficionado, and avid collector Micheal Barnes just recently got this 45 and I was reminded what a great song it is. I surprised myself by remembering it word for word. I know it line by line from several years of playing it out. Not to mention hearing it at DJ Kittys notorious Wednesday nite at the ruby room. Many of us who went to that nite on a regular basis knew all the lyrics to this and many others. Like 'Foxy Girls In Oakland', by Rodger Collins, 'Garden Of Four Trees' by The Explosions, and 'So Much Trouble In My Mind' by Sir Joe Quarterman. Kitty used to hold the deep funk down every week.
I first met Michael at that very nite and soon learned of his KALX (UC Berkeley) radio show. Turns out Michael was deep as the earths core and played with us several times at the Soundboutique DJ nite at the Ivy Room. He was the first to put me on to James Black and the Whites, totally new to me at the time, and flip my head around several times like the exorcist on some mad soul and funk shit I had never heard. On his radio show I'd hear him play more new stuff like Gang of Four and the Slits. Again, all new to me, and again blowing my mind constantly with smokin' hot soul stuff. Such is the nature of good college radio shows. Something Both Michael and DJ Kitty are pros at.

Michael's moved down to LA and is still active in radio..
Check out his Radio Show on KPFA called Melting Pot.

And his audio blog of the same name.

Thanks Michael for reminding me of this track and glad you got yours!! Cheers!

This Vera Hamilton track is complete soulful funk stomper and Vera a vocal power house. Vera can belt. And, the theme here is 'I ain't gon' take yo shit anymore' or rather 'I was your fool, but I ain't no more' Kind of a mid seventies 'Tyrone' if you will. Produced by Johnny Otis, it's also a certified Bay Area goodie. Real deal Sister Funk and a shining moment and example of the 70's and one of many reasons we love this era. Sisters and women in general started to assert themselves and we saw more and more songs like this that represented changes in the women's movement. Could also be credited to the activity here within the Bay Area at the time.
I had it on a mix CD of mine a long time ago, and sounds just as fresh and tasty to me as it did then. Incredible stuff here, wished I knew where Vera was now and if she made anything else as hot as this.
In 2002 BGP re-released this great song with another tune called "Spells And Incantations". I have not heard it. My copy is a promo and has "Aint No.." on both sides, stereo and mono. But, if any of you have the BGP version or can post the link..I'd like to hear her other material.

Vera Hamilton - But I Ain't No More


  1. My pleasure, those were fantastic times, some of the best dancing in my life and the music was always top notch.

    Hope to hear you spin again soon!

  2. I arrived here due to trying to find out what all those initials in the title stand for. This song was posted on YouTube and Hamilton's grand daughter made a comment to the effect that Vera H. is quite alive these days but not singing professionally. I learned that she had a stint as an Ikette in the Ike and Tina Turner Revue, but don't know if she sings prominently on any of the Ikettes 45s. Still wanting to know what gstskdts means.

  3. Sad to inform you all Vera Hamilton passed always August 31, 2013

    1. That's horrible!! Did you know her before she passed? Would love to hear more about her if you knew her..
      Thanks for sharing with us.
      She's in our heart!!