Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Suttons - So Good

Mike and Brenda Sutton are incredible. They had such a magnetism about every one of their club tunes that elbowed its way onto dance floors. From the Classic boogie bomb "We'll Make It" to the booty scooping monster "Don't Let Go Of Me". They were ripe for the staple of Sam record label's catalog. Seems they got into the studio and set tracks completely on fire. The power of duet, or the power of some incredible singing talent and, perhaps both. The true disco and disco boogie era was all about separating itself from what had become a huge commercial era based on gimmicks. Disco had been engulfed in money making and it's heavily saturated formula was running dry. Mike and Brenda are examples of vocal prowess and 'real' talent that began to turn the tide. They started in Los Angeles and wrote for Motown in the early and mid seventies. In 1984 they dropped the first names, and the "&" to record this LP "So Good" as 'The Suttons'. Strange that they released this LP on Rocshire Records since it was normally a label that released rock and roll groups. There's several tasty tunes on this LP, including the masterpiece of modern soul 'Whole lot of love'...but, none stronger than this slow jam bump and grinder title cut.

I'm feeling these tunes more and more these days. And, mostly they don't have a home. For the most part, you can't play these tunes 'out'. People don't wanna hear 'slow jams' like this in a club setting. I mean, other than Valentines day gigs. Which is why I'm thankful for radio and blogs like this. And, if you're a fan of this blog and others like it, you don't really give a shit anyway. It's good ish... and of the highest order.
Slow flappy fat bass synth and over the top sexy lyrics. Complete syncopated tightness. They were really crafty songwriters and had a grip (no pun intended) on grooves that worked. How many songs talk about 'my baby treats me like a lolli-pop' and shit like 'you taste just like a candy bar'? It's 'finger licking good' for sure.

The Suttons - So Good

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  1. cram enough people in the basement and they will dance to it. everyone will be stuffed in there on halloween, we will force the slow creeper funk on them.