Friday, August 6, 2010

Ultimate Choice - Get it Up / It's Hot

Not really club boogie, but serious heavyweight bangers. They're more of funk anthems of mine. I picked this up and had no intention of playing it out, but it was about the best double sided banger I had ever heard. This is an example of tracks I absolutely cannot resist. I'm drawn into these grooves with the force of the death star tractor beam. Head nodding from beginning to end, on sides A & B. Both sides encourage you to chant along as they chug along with a passionate funk fury. This is when you realize that not much has changed..bands laid down heavy funk in 73, and other bands did exactly the same in 83. Just with synths and slap bass. Thank heaven for them. And, I'm thankful I picked this up when I did. It's becoming increasingly harder to find. People still sleep on the variety of great music on the Montage label. Miss Criola and the later Mandrill LP for example. Sure, there's Rose Royce and Sexual Harassment, but if you dig deeper Montage is too, a treasure trove of talent. This again, is a Soundboutique exclusive. Both sides served up for your listening pleasure.

Ultimate Choice - Get it Up

Ultimate Choice - It's Hot

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