Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blue Feather - Shadows Of The Night

Dutch Boogie funksters Blue Feather had always been a favorite of mine. Ever since I went mad for boogie stuff and did my research all over the internet, they've been on that list of stuff I'm seriously after. I recall I may have been hipped to them via tiny little sound clips, extremely low in quality via the Boogie Times site. I ransacked every album and artist page listening to every sound sample on that site. It's a good place to start as well. They were popular and favored more for the slightly earlier stuff, like "Let's Funk Tonight" which was a big hit for them. Yet, that stuff, circa '82, was more of a funk disco sound, and less synthesiser and drum machines. This particular song, and the rest of the LP by the same name is just the opposite. This LP from 1985 is drenched in heavy synth, drum machine, and fat synth bass lines. All the while still maintaining their smooth vocal prowess and soulful almost easy rock style.
This is just the first track from the LP, although I highly recommend the entire album. "Funky Nights", "Feelgood", and "This Night We Stick Together" are all gems from the LP.
It might not be to taste for most. And, in fact this falls into my current project of 'blue-eyed boogie' stuff. But, a good example of some white guys with a whole lot of unpretentious soul can do. They might not be that crafty but, they are going for what they know. That my friends, is what heart and soul are all about.

This same LP has been re-issued by the PTG folks and they make quality shit. Their re-issues as well as this particular release are ALL highly recommended. You can check them out here...
I'm not ripping the whole LP, but you may be able to find it elsewhere on the net.
I'm only suggesting that until you find an original or grab the re-issue.

Enjoy this Dutch Boogie Dopeness!

Blue Feather - Shadows Of The Night

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