Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lemi Aso - The Beginning

This track is some serious business.

This is pay dirt. The real deal as far as juicy nuggs are concerned.

In a slow deep KMEL announcer voice..."Here's another world premier Soundboutique exclusive..."

Again, you won't find this ANYWHERE else. I was hard pressed to even find a smidgin' of a trace of this on YouTube. Sadly searching for Lemi yielded little or no results. Who knows, she could be a household name in Japan, but Lemi Aso Lp's are hard to find. I'm not sure they ever came out in the states. I think there may be one or two, or perhaps this was the only one. If you know more about her, please share this info with us. I do know she was in the Japanese psych rock band 'Flowers' and that group is even harder to track down. Her American music history is seemingly non-existent.

This is the only 'really' interesting tune on the LP, but it is a complete head cracker. Different from anything else on the LP. Mellowed out hippie funk with a slow space funk back drop. The percussion, the robust bass groove, the synths, the treatment of special effects, it all floors me. I remember when I first heard it, I just about lost my shit. It's ripe for some sample treatment for sure. I can imagine a few hip-hop producers would love to flip this. Even might'a been Dilla material. It's strong point however being it's not just a sample and holds its weight as a banger from start to finish. A quality chune on it's own. More in a funk rock or psych vein than soul but really not lacking in any department. While it's tempo leaves room for only a enthusiastic head nod, it'll be on my play list for some time. Destined to be a soundboutique classic I hope you enjoy this exclusive jam just for you.

Lemi Aso - The Beginning

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