Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yello - Bimbo

A went foraging into vinyl the other night, and turned this tune up again. I had met with Yello's music many years ago. Someone gave me a tape with Yello on it, and with a hit of acid I was changed forever. Deep into a future of electro and the bizarre I went. I think Kraftwerk gets a lot of credit for shaping modern electro music, but lesser bands like Yello played important roles as well. They frankly deserve more than just being the band with the Ferris Bueller claim to fame. That tape that rocked my world, welcomed me into the future, and had in it a dark and soulful world of electronic music. Entire LP's layered with synth and drum machines were hardly organic, but still unveiled worlds of possibility for me. Yello are a unique band of freaks and their music is unlike most bands I'd ever heard.
Still this group trips me up with how silly and strange they are.

I picked up this 45 the other night at the opening of Vamp: A music art & consignment shop. My friend Fernando has opened this spot and it has a LOT of potential. He's going to work to get a good supply of vinyl in there. I went to the pre-opening sale and found fairly tasty goodies. A lot of great r&b and soul 45's, plenty good re-issues, loads of mod related stuff, and a few punk, art-disco, and power pop things. That's where Yello came in..right between English Beat 45's and UK Punk classics.
Check out VAMP
at 547 Athol St. in Oakland, CA
You may want to call first. I'm not sure of the hours and I don't have the digits.
legwork. do it.

This cut is an excellent example of Yello's fury. Deep demonic voices, Sid Vicious sounding shouts, and a killer array of huge synths. The whole thing changes throughout the tune, and goes simply without classification. On Ralph records, home of other fantastic 'out' artists like Fred Frith, The Residents and Tuxedo Moon. Overall an impressive catalog and an impressive first 7 inch from Yello in 1980.

Yello - Bimbo

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