Monday, December 13, 2010

Plustwo - Stop Fantasy

Seemingly the most lethal weapon in my Italo arsenal. Like I said before, we're talking about 1 in 200 records before you get anything remotely hot. This killer double sider has classic Italo traits and good groundwork for the origins of house music. The use of drum machine high hats and snare and (what could be) the Tb-303 bass machine makes a strong case heading in a Detroit inspired direction. It even has the whirlwind of the Latin tinged almost 'salsa' sounding bridge. At least I remember a few house records having that same Latin turnaround rhythm. 
This record also has the common Italo occurrence of chipmunk singing. Not sure if they sung as high as possible or speed the tape up. But, the other side 'Melody', has actual chipmunk (sped up) silly vocals. So, if this tune is too much for you..dare I flip it over?

Be aware: this kind of Italo stuff is aquired taste. Meaning, you may NOT dig this entirely. But, keep an open noggin, and understand that this may be the roots of music that you DO love, and we had to have Plustwo before we could what was next.

I know nothing about Plustwo, and that's usually the case with the rare 1 in 200 tunes I find. I do know that this track is rare enough to have taken some time to find. A few Italo dealers wanted over 1,000 euros for it and then it vanished into thin air again. All I had was a YouTube clip in the beginning. I actually ran into a gentleman from the UK in a local record store who of all things said he was looking for this same record. Oddly, I have found it cheap. Very cheap. Both copies. With some luck, but also super big thanks to a friend.
7 inch version
A big shout to Francesca aka Disco Bambina who actually directed me to my initial 7" copy of this. I've turned up the 12" now and she gets the 7" as a finders fee. Let that be known to many of you...if you know I'm looking for a record and want to get hooked up..send it my direction. I take care of my peeps. 
I'm currently looking for the heavyweight tunes... The Charmells 'As Long As I've Got You', Ron Richardson 'Oo Wee Babe', and the Rob LP with 'Make It Fast, Make It Slow'. But, right...who isn't looking for these tracks?
I've ripped from my own 12" of this tune and it's the full version unavailable anywhere else. It's a Soundboutique exclusive. Like I've said before, we work hard to bring you the goodies.
Plustwo - Stop Fantasy


  1. thank you for the rip !! I missed out on the repress, so i guess this will do until I can find a real copy. TY !!

  2. There's a repress? Wow, things move fast. I think you still an og on the cheap.. Either 12 inch or 45