Friday, December 10, 2010

The Orlons - South Street

Let me first say,  I'm thrilled to be back at this. I've been busy beyond belief! Somewhere amidst my usual busyness I've found time to get married, take on a new business partner, grow my current business, and develop new biz endeavours. So, for me..things are hectic and my calender is packed. But, I get so much pleasure out of sharing tracks and appreciate so much the feedback we get here. So, I'm relishing in this moment and here we go... These have all been life changing things going on for me. Definitely the most 'life changing' was getting married. One thing that came to mind during 'getting married' was MUSIC. I literally woke up the morning of my marriage with the tune "Going to the chapel' in my head. I suppose that's not such a stretch considering what I was to partake in that day. But, it was remarkable the amount of these happy little 'fitting' tunes kept popping into my head. For some reason, the jingles from several 50's and 60's soul tunes were on my mind. I remember the last major life changing thing for me was the birth of my daughter, and that day too was blessed with music running through my mind. That time it was 'Lady' by Modjo. It was still being played on the radio and in the occassional car driving by at that time. 'Lady' is actually the brilliant Nile Rodgers and Chic masterpiece 'Soup For One' from the movie of the same name. That became the theme for my child's birth. So, this brings me to the story of how the Orlons became the theme music for my holy matrimony. From 'Going To The Chapel' to 'Don't Hang Up' the transition wasn't very hard. Actually it went...'Chapel' to 'Be My Baby' by the Ronettes and then 'Da Do Ron Ron' by The Crystals and 'The Wah-Watusi' by The Orlons. All within the tracks of my mind. lol. Yes, there is a strange 'Quadraphenia' thing happening here as well.
I pulled out (miraculous if you know me and my collection: I can NEVER find anything I want to play and hear) the several Orlons records I have. They're all so cute with pictures of them on the covers.  Wigs, white gloves, impeccable suits, and beehives several feet high. The more I dug through my 45's the more I dug the Orlons.
Most of their jams are full of energy and excitement. In fact most struck me as needing to be looped up and made into some kind of 50's and early 60's hip hop be-bop. The drums are punchy, horns tight, and vocals poppin. Everything is recorded nice and loud and all the elements are full and crisp.
The flip side here is 'Them Terrible Boots' another killer Orlons offering.

I'm still tripping on how this cat in the Orlons gets that voice so deep. Still also tripping that now I'm hitched. But, just another thing to thank the wife for...getting such lovely music stuck in my head.
I highly recommend getting a best of the Orlons LP or just plain downloading that shit. It's strikingly DOPE and fresh sounding even to this day.

(Actually the last time I had the energy and intent to 'up' a new post here on this blog, my trustworthy 'mediafire' site was not working. So, now that things are right again...)

The Orlons - South Street


  1. Just so you know, when I click on this link, it goes to the general johnson track from the previous post. I love the blog, and have been finding a lot of stuff I like I have never heard before on here. Would love to check out The Orlons track though. Thanks so much!

    DJ Feed Me

    P.S. so much sample fodder on here !

  2. SHIT!!! Hate it when that worries. All fixed, all good now. Must have been a part of the issues I was having with Media fire at the time. Or, my simple paste and copy mistake. Glad to hear your diggin the blog. Keep checking back, I post as often as I can. Keep commenting as well. It's always good to hear folks are diggin the sounds. It's a bit like dj'ing at a radio station from 3-5AM, you never know if anyone's even listening. If you're looking for sample fodder, this Orlons cut will flip a wig or two..their other stuff is dope too. Amazing group all around. Cheers!