Monday, February 21, 2011

James Brown - Funky President

Nothing too unusual or 'special' about this particular Monday. Just hungover from a wild night and another incredible party at Sweaterfunk. Epic music and massive turnout. Hard to move in there last night. Nothing much on the agenda for today though. Just chilling with the wife at home and glad we're both enjoying a day off. Gonna just lay in bed and watch the tele. Later on I'm hoping to catch my new favorite TV addiction...Brick City. Not sure I can say what it is I like about the show, but oddly it fits with this Presidents day. I'm having a tough time really understanding all the animosity towards it's focal point character mayor Corey Booker and our own President on this holiday. Sure, I get the points that all my friends and associates (that are far more political than me) make and they are all valid, but wouldn't we be in a far bigger heap of a mess with McCain? It's a no brainer. I mean, at least look at how far we have come. We got a black President now! Take that energy from MLK day and spread some love. If you wanna make some changes, get active and DO IT.  I understand what people are bitchin' about...he's been soft, slippery and out right lied. Backing out of deals, selling us up the river, and breakin promises. But, it's a far cry from the way things would have been. And, I still have faith. Call me naive, clueless, and un-informed but I still believe he is making a change and a difference. I think it has got to be hard as volcano rock to make some changes, and even harder after the Bush massacre. Seeing Corey Booker on Brick City makes me understand just how hard things can be to effectively bring about change.
I'm treading in unfamiliar water here, I'm not very political and don't want to get all into politics on this blog..but hey..  Let us honor the current pres for the good he has done, along with honoring the past President's on this Monday. Ya with me?
So, onto this track...

Not rare, just damn good funk. Party classic really. Back in the day, oh about 10 years ago now, this was a staple in my sets. From the Godfather James Brown of course. I have pictures and posters of this guy all over my house. George Clinton once gave JB the presidential endorsement in the song Chocolate City. And, if he were still here (and running), I'd be voting for 'im. JB has changed my life and been the blueprint for most of what I'm into. I think he's done just the same for many a funkateer worldwide. Both then and now. Would things have been the same without James? Hard to imagine really. Would someone else had discovered and pioneered the funk like him? Probably, but ya gotta give credit where credits due!
Funny how many of the things said in this song are still true and meaningful today. We have indeed come so very far, but many things have remained the same. Even as high of a regard as I have for James Brown, I still know he was a tyrant and Clyde Stubblefield has not made a dime. It's tough when you're a Funky President. Still like James sings... 'People let's get together' 'We need to make some change around here'

James Brown - Funky President

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