Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mac Thornhill - Boogie Fire

Mac Mugshot

I can't claim this being in my DJ sets due to my own research and digging. But, props due to the fine gentlemen Johan and Jordan also known as Tres Lingerie. With killer DJ sets, tasty remixes and a brand of their own music that's afforded them a spotlight performance on the Beat Electric Television Show they're simply 'killin' it'. I've flipped thru a few Mac Thornhill records and none have stuck out quite like this one. Thanks to Johan for playing this one out and bringing it to my ears.

This tune is brought to a simmer by lovely percussion accents and the talented singing of a mysterious 'April' who we know nothing about. It seems that the term boogie fire was adept at describing something that sets the club a blazin' even back in 1981. This is indeed 'boogie fire' and getting major play from me right now. Thanks again to Johan of Tres Lingerie.

Mac is originally from Quebec, Canada and still resides there to this day. Canadas' contributions to the grails of boogie is quite heavy including one elusive monster 'Ooh Wee Babe' by Ron Richardson and this release on the M.A.D. Label. Joe Freeman's 'Sneakin'' and Hypnotics 'Are You Lonely' are among other Quebec monsters. There is one other release on the M.A.D. label, 'Don't You Do It' from the same year, but I don't have it. 'Make Life Worth Living' released in 1983 on Savoir Faire Records is also tasty booginess by Mac. Most of his other records came out mid to late 80's and are loved in the house and pre-house genre.

Mac Thornhill - Boogie Fire

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