Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Warren Burris - Get Up Off Your Love

So back to business... and back to boogie basics. Modern soul appreciation 101A. With NO pre-requisite. I'm catching a lot of flak these days for not knowing what the hell I'm talking about. Guess what? I don't. I don't know SHIT. Other than the hot ass shit that goes around the turntable and gives me that 'baby on a tit' face. Just the tunes that make me 'Goo-Goo Ga Ga' and all hairs stand up on end. Really folks, I do tend to whip things up into a meringue pie sometimes. A meringue pie of shite! Lol. Ultimately you should know that it's really just about the music. I honestly can't help with a little chitterlings and chatterlongs here and there and hopefully you won't mind. As long as we DJ for you along the way right? Dropping tasty little goodies along the way. But, onto the chuuunes.. 'cause that's the ONLY thing that really matters here at Soundboutique.

Today we have the mighty sounds of Warren 'Big-beard' Burris.
From 1988(!) this LP was only available in the UK. My goodness, it is quite an exceptional beard he has. Well, the music is perfectly groomed as well. Immaculate if you will. This funk dancer bomb 'Get Up Off Your Love' has been thrilling my heart lately and is what I will play when I can ever find my way to Sweaterfunk in San Francisco. Man, I miss that party. Perhaps I should look for an apartment in Chinatown. If you haven't been... You need to check it out. From where ever you are.... You may need to travel around the world to catch it. The best music night I've EVER been a part of. They've come super far too. From a room with me and five other DJs all just kinda standing around jocking each other tunes, nerding out. It had all the makings of another record nerd sausage fest, but turns out we knew what the hell we were doing. Vets of the rare groove game and pirates of various worlds of music came together to champion boogie music and preach it to the San Franciscans.

Turns out boogie was the dirty little secret passion and guilty pleasure everybody wanted to play but didn't. Or, hadn't hadn't found an ear for. Or, a home. Now, the guest DJ waiting list has grown to epic proportions and notables Dam Funk, Haircut, Kon and Amir, Monk One, Daz-I-Kue have all dropped legendary sets. It's been a match made in heaven for me. Playing a sound that until recently was only available via dancing in the street with winos and their transistor radios. And, this upcoming valentines day, I'm definitely digging out some tear stained soul and mid tempo lovers jams. It's gonna be sick. Come to the Lipo at 916 Grant Avenue (at Washington St) in china town SF on Sunday Feb 13 (or any Sunday for that matter) and you will have a damn good time.
Seriously, Warren...beard of the decade award.   Sweaterfunk...party of the decade.

Warren Burris - Get Up Off Your Love

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