Monday, February 21, 2011

Nel Oliver - You Are My Dream

Okay, so with a day off in my schedule I've had some extra time on my hands. Great chance to get ahead of the posts here on the blog. So, I'm gonna post a few tracks today, if time permits. Or rather, as many songs as time will allow.
Nel Oliver is a french recording artist probably of African or West indies descent. He's made some fairly amazing LP's all super hard to find over here, but more available in France. This LP, probably his easiest to find overseas, has several nice tracks all in this kind of sleepy soulful style. A groovy mellow sounding soul style is what Nel captures on this album. Another instance of excellence in lyrics sung in English yet soaked in worldly accent. NICE! There are several good treats on here...'Mama Mother', 'I Got A Flash', 'Heart Of The Ghetto' and this tune. Nel produced and recorded many artists over a long period of time at his recording studio. He's been a huge promoter and supporter of African music. He's also a big proponent of anti-piracy. Let's hope he understands his appearance here is strictly promotional.

Nel Oliver - You Are My Dream

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