Friday, February 25, 2011

Superior Movement - Wide Shot

Superior Movement's 'Wide Shot' 45 could possibly have been one of the very first boogie 45's that I started spinning with. It's an 80's funk classic and thanks to proper distribution back then most folks seem to know about it now.  Not rare, but still hard to come by in good shape. This song, in a bouncy groove, is the kind of jam I will always be a sucker for. Something about the simple orchestration of an array of synthesisers. This albums title cut, 'The Key To Your Heart' is tasty too... a slow, creeping funk ballad from these Chicago Brothers. A few other songs stand out as well and the LP had sky high potential written all over it.

Stanley Ratliff's book 'A Dream, A Goal, Never a Reality' tells the story of the bands climb to success and tragic fall. The 'Movement's' battle with the record industry's dishonesty, excursions into drugs, and prison time are all chronicled in the book. The band had a knack for rockin' a party and prove just that in this live clip of Wide Shot. This band had endless potential. Just a shame it was the case of another short lived career.

Even though it was widely released on 45 and 12", there was never an instrumental version of the 80's funk boogie classic 'Wide Shot' actually released by Superior Movement, but there was this. Lazerock's 'Ballad Of Mr T' has an instrumental version and the story behind how the groove from this song made it into Lazerock, might be revealed in the book.

If you're reading this....
To all the cats in Superior Movement, all the funkateers and disco cats all over the world love your shit. If you are part of Superior Movement, hit us up! We want to see you rock the spot one more time. Just like in the ole days.

Superior Movement - Wide Shot

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  1. I played bass for Superior Movement since the late 70's and all of the members with the exception of one are still alive and kicking out the funk.