Thursday, February 17, 2011

James Moore - As A Nation

Like a sweet love hangover from Valentines day this tune comes as your gentle wake up music for the day. Because of our 2 year anniversary and it being Valentines Day Weekend I didn't get around to delving into more gospel music like I had wanted to. Although now it seems a bit funny because we're approaching almost a full week since then. There's been a pause in my postings and in most of my 'other' work due to some wicked head aches. I hope I've got beyond the worst of it, hopefully attributing them to some bad caffeine withdrawals.

So, on the cusp of the holiday of in comes Mr. James Moore... The Reverend to be exact. From a remarkable LP coated with incredible soulfulness and amazing tunes. It's not a hard record to come by, and I think it's been re-issued a few times. It may even be available to download via itunes.
This brings into light what is actually 'in' a great gospel LP. Thankfully it's about positivity and Love. In fact, in this song, it carries on for quite a bit near the end about nothin' but L.O.V.E. so it seems fitting as our first song post-V-day. I really recommend this entire LP. There's so many other worthy tunes on here....the amazing 'I'll never, never, give up', the moving 'Brothers and sisters, I will be praying for you' and this monster groover 'As A Nation'. 'Nation' is mellow sunshine groove ripe for the summer days in the park, boasting a nice positive message. The parallels in Gospel to soul music find this tune inspired by Marvin Gaye's 'Inner City Blues' or 'What's Going On'. I suppose that's what's been so enjoyable about surfacing all this gospel music lately. Again, like I've pointed out before, it's that mostly uncovered and unexplored, secret missing chapter of American soul music. Hope you enjoy...

Oh, fuck it! I'm gonna have to do something I rarely do, or rather try to avoid where ever possible. I'm gonna have to post two songs from this. I can't just narrow it down to just the one. You really must here the title cut 'Brothers And Sisters' as well. So, here we go.
So, here's both 'As A Nation' and the title tune 'Brothers And Sisters, I Will Pray For You'


James Moore - As A Nation

James Moore - Brothers And Sisters, I Will Pray For You

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