Sunday, February 20, 2011

David Sea - Night After Night

In the 80's David Sea was asked to join the Temptations and yet he passed on the opportunity to continue with his solo career. During that career he made excellent tracks like this, and pushed his excellent caliber of soul music right on through the 2 thousands. Many often speculate that he was born a decade late, wondering what would have happened for him in the 60's and 70's soul era. Regardless of his timezone, David has stood out with exemplary talent. In 2007 we saw two of his tunes, previously unreleased, issued on a 7 inch and put out on the Shotgun label. Both 'Let's Just Get Together' and 'Believe In Me' are fine examples of his early work. David released a contemporary LP in 2006... Check this clip for a nice contemporary soul jam with some awesome footage of the Atlanta Steppers Club. He's now currently on tour with The Temptations and still is very active recording today.

Actually I 'just' nabbed this tune and I'm happy to play it tonight at Sweaterfunk. If you're in the area don't miss it. It's a holiday tomorrow, and should be mad.

This tune was also featured on Eddy Funkster's newest mix. He's put together some of the rarest boogie funk 45's for his 'Comin' At Ya' mix. It's a list of 45's to make any modern soul and boogie funk collector drool with envy. Understand, this homie don't play. I've seen nothing but quality come from this bro, and he packs serious heat in his DJ bag.

He starts out with one of the rarest of the rare, one of thee most coveted, the Pyramid Plus 45. A tune that we were planning on posting here, just exactly as he has done...with the instrumental version! Since that doesn't surface nearly as often on blogs. Nicely done Eddy Funkster aka DJ U-Ome!
I find our interests in boogie are parallel and we often have the same records in our crates, same tunes we're buggin' about, and after the same rare shit. Aside from making usual appearances at 'Funkmosphere' and making these killer mixes, he's deep into dub step. We hope to have him at Sweaterfunk soon again sometime. To catch him in his hometown of Los Angeles just keep your ears and eyes wide open.

Eddy Funkster Aka DJ U-Ome - Comin' At Ya

David Sea - Night After Night


  1. 'preshate Night After Night, a rare cut to find on the Web as it turns out

  2. cheers, thanks for stopping by...

  3. If this is a scan of your record .. Sorry for the WOL .... This copy used to be mine! lol
    This is an all time classic and I know where you got it from too! ;)

    Nice work on the blog too!